The Show

The Show
By Paul Fennell

    The show was about to start. It began at the same time every time and he began to nervously pace the small room. He was obviously nervous about the upcoming show.
    The room he was in was a small black room with a single chair in it. By chair I mean it was  piece of metal in a shape a person could sit on, There was no comfort in that chair at all. The room was small and black. If you were in the room you would smell sweat and blood. The man had paced the room many times and it was about 15 steps from wall to wall. The only thing that did not make this room a tomb was the front wall the chair was facing ws a window. The room beyond the window at the moment was dark but he knew the show would start soon.
    The man in the room looked like the average guy next door. About six foot, blond hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a business suit and tie, though the tie was loosened and hanging around his neck. One his front pocket was a name tag that read “Hi my name is JEFF”, but it looked old and faded. In fact his whole suit looked old and faded. Badly in need of a wash. The jacket was missing its sleeves, torn off long ago. The shirt underneath was held on by only two buttons, and there were many blood stains on it, they shone through his white shirt as if he was being lit up like a black light. The pants looked like in a few more steps they would fall off of him. The knees were torn and encrusted with blood. The legs were no longer gray but a sickly faded color that might remind one of a tombstone. While Jeff was pacing the room he kept nervously glancing at the window. He would stop to look into the room, to maybe see something, then step back and keep pacing.
    Jeff kept looking at his wrist, looking for the time, but when he looked at the analog watch on his wrist it was cracked and stopped at 4:23:08, it had been that way a while now. When he first got here he joked to himself that his clock was right at least two times a day, but the joke had grown stale and now he wondered why he even thought such a stupid idea. He had said a lot of things when he first got here, many he regretted. Everything got old here.
    Although there were no lights visible in the 15 step room, the lighting dimmed. Indicating the show was about to begin. Jeff sighed and reluctantly moved to the chair. He knew the show would not start until he sat down. He knew that if he stood here he would never have to watch this show, but in the end he sat down anyway and the lights in his room dimmed while the lights in the other room got brighter.
    The other room looked like a child’s bedroom, but worn down with age. It still had the colors of a child’s room but Jeff knew that no child would ever live in this room. The look of the room was it was meant for a child maybe no older than five, but the room did not look inviting at all. The bed and floor were stained a deep red, some of the walls too. The room had no furniture to speak of other than the bed, but Jeff knew that there should be a chest of drawers just off to the right where he could not see. The main thing that Jeff did not like about the room was the wallpaper. It had a faded repeating pattern of a clown peeking up above a wooden fence. You could only really see top half of the clowns face but it looked wrong. Like it was not a clown but something masquerading as a clown.
    The eyes on the clown were red and piercing. If you looked at them for too long then you might swear they were twinkling at you. The clown’s hair was thin and stringy like the clown did not bathe a lot. It looked almost torn out in some places. The thing that Jeff did not like about the clown at all was its mouth you could not see. You could only see the top half of the face so you only saw the top half of a smile It was a smile that said the clown was up to no good, it had seen you looking at it, and it was coming for you. The clown was not a happy clown that kids of all ages might enjoy, this was more like a thing that looked like a clown that was about to become whatever monster it was for real. Jeff could not look at the clown too long, it creeped him out.
    Finally a sound filled the room of a projector, although there were no speakers anywhere to be seen in the small 15 pace room Jeff resided. Suddenly an image appeared on the far wall. it looked like an old silent movie, complete with film scratches and jumps.
    ‘Hello Jeff!” it read, and the next scene was Jeff sitting in the chair as he was had someone shown a brilliantly bright light on his face. Although he had seen this many times he did not like looking at himself anymore. When he first arrived here he did not mind but time had taken its tole on Jeff.
    His face was a cascade of scratches and cuts, many infected. Whenever Jeff saw this he immedately started to scratch his face, opening many wounds. Fluid poured from them, since the image was black and white one could not tell if it was blood or something else, but as the fluid poured down his face some of it squirmed. When Jeff saw this he had to force himself to stop scratching. His hair was very stringy and pulled out in places. It looked like someone had decided to give him a haircut with a lawnmower. It was uneven and in many places dark, where had this been in color it would have probably been at least red.
    “Enough about you Jeff, lets get too it.” The screen read. Slowly Jeff sighed and nodded, as if he knew what as coming next. Three words came up on the screen and immediately Jeff began to cry. It was a deep hurting cry that sounded of loss and pain. It was the kind of crying that no amount of comforting could help. It was the deep soulful crying that people did when they lost a love or were in so much pain crying was all they could do. “Are We Done?” were the words on the screen, and Jeff began to cry even harder than before.The tears running down his face made small tracks in the filth that covered it.The screen did not change, it was waiting patiently for his answer, as it had done all those times before. He could not stop crying. He had seen those three words over and over countless times.
    At first he had laughed. He screamed obscenities at the screen. Once he even stood up and urinated on the window, that time had been bad.
    Today he just wanted to say yes, just to make The Show stop and he could end all of it and just move on. However deep down he knew when he could say yes to that screen, he had known when he first arrived. Jeff began to shake his head.
    “No.” Jeff said in almost a whisper, he had screamed his voice out long ago. It was barely a word coming out of his mouth but the screen changed anyway.
    “Very well Jeff, lets begin The Show.” The screen read and the projector stopped. The room went dark again. When the lights came back on it was a full moon light, as if shinning in through a window, and in the bed was a boy, the kind of boy this room was meant. A small boy maybe three or four years old. A child dreaming away whatever children dream when they drift off to sleep at night. Thinking about his parents? Thinking about his toys? Who knows, whatever little innocent children dream of, the child was smiling in this sleep. Suddenly the door creaked open, and a figure walked into the boy’s room, and slowly walking in the room was a younger Jeff. The Jeff in the boy’s bedroom smiled and looked at the boy, it was the exact same smile as the clown on the wallpaper. The Jeff watching The Show cringed.
    Creeping Jeff slowly walked up to the boy and continued to smile his Ghoulish smile at the innocent child sleeping before him, which made Watching Jeff cry harder.
    Slowly Creeping Ghoul Jeff sat down on the child’s bed, being very careful not to wake the boy, and slowly Creeping Ghoul Jeff began to raise his hand so when he struck he could stop the first scream, because that was always the one that got you caught, the first loud scream that pierced the night. Before he could bring his hand up completely, for whatever reason, the child’s eyes opened, and the scene changed.
    Watching Jeff was suddenly watching, feeling, and knowing everything that four year old child knew, in a sense he was the child. Watching Jeff kind of went limp in the darkened room as he was never ready for this part. It happened every time but it always took him by surprise.
    When he child’s eyes opened he thought his Daddy had come to see him, but in the darkened room the boy saw this was not his Daddy, this was a monster and the boy was very scared. He cried out, before Ghoul Jeff could stop him. He wanted his Daddy or Mommy to be here. He wanted to feel safe from the monster on his bed, the monster that now looked mad at the boy. To the boy Ghoul Jeff’s eyes looked red and piercing, like all the monsters he ever thought of that scared a four year old. Suddenly Ghoul Jeff struck out and hurt him. The boy began to cry, kind of like the crying Watching Jeff had been doing. It was a crying of confusing and terror. It was a crying that a parent would race across the world to get to their child to stop. To hold the child to let them know all would be OK in the end. Ghoul Jeff just looked annoyed at the boy’s blubbering and struck out again, this time at his tummy. The boy could not breath too well after that, but still kept on crying. The Ghoul Jeff put his hand over the boy’s mouth to stop the crying. Ghoul Jeff was screaming something at the boy. The four year old could not comprehend what he was saying but he knew this monster had breath that was stinky.  Finally the boy was having trouble breathing and he went into survival mode, he bit down on Ghoul Jeff’s hand. The boy desperately wanted his Mommy or Daddy to save him from this monster in his bedroom with red eyes and stinky breath. Ghoul Jeff, obviously annoyed the boy bit him struck out again, and this time the boy was thrown against the wall. The screamed that came out of the boy was piercing to the soul.
    The boy had to get away from the monster at all costs so he tried to run away. He was scared and wanted his Daddy or Mommy, for which he began to scream. The Monster reached out and tried to grab him but the boy got by his hand. The boy was bleeding and scared and The Monster was coming after him. Suddenly the door flew open and the lights came on in the room. The boy saw Mommy enter the room and he ran for her, screaming with everything he had in him. When he grabbed her leg he felt instant relief and happiness that Mommy was here and she was going to stop the monster. The boy buried his face in Mommy’s leg, not wanting to see the monster again. The woman looked down at the screaming, bleeding child and instantly had a look of hate in her eyes so fierce that if looks could kill, the whole room would have blown up. Mommy pulled a gun up from he side and pointed it at The Monster. Mommy was fast but The Monster was faster, and he came at her full force and grabbed for the gun. The boy did not let go of Mommy’s leg as they struggled for the gun, in the struggle two shots were fired. The boy felt an odd pain in his neck and he fell down, his arms could not hold on anymore, Mommy fell too next to the boy. Mommy reached over trying to get to the boy, motherly instinct trying to protect her baby and The Monster stood above them both. He looked real mad, and in the haze of the boy’s vision looked very familiar. The Monster kicked Mommy then pointed the gun at her, and suddenly he was wet and sticky and Mommy stopped moving.
    The boy was getting tired anyway, he wanted his blanket so he could go to bed. Then The Monster walked over to the boy and stood over him. As his vision cleared for a minute the boy looked up and saw who he had been looking for all along, the boy saw Daddy. Then he realized that this was also The Monster that had just hurt him and Mommy, and he began to cry again. The boy’s four year old mind could not comprehend his Daddy hurting him like this, the boy was terrified. The DaddyMonster just kept staring at the boy and he raised the gun. The boy’s last thoughts before he stopped thinking was how much he loved his Daddy, even though he had hurt him and Mommy, then he thought nothing else.
    With the final shot the room went dark, and Watching Jeff broke down. He screamed and cried and pulled at his hair. He jumped up from the chair and threw himself at the windows and walls. More cuts, bruises and breaks appearing every time. To Jeff it was always the end that mad him go mad like this. The fact that through all this, his son’s last thought was he loved him, right before Jeff killed him.
    How long Jeff ranted and raved and flung himself around the room one can not say, as time has no meaning here. It might had been seconds as much as it might have been days or years. However long it was, The Show waited for Jeff to finish, it always did. Eventually Jeff tired himself out and crawled back into the chair, this time he was limping. Most of his hair was gone now. The projector started back up again.
    “Jeff you know where you are, you are in hell. There is no greater judgment on a man than that of himself. When you did these things your mind was twisted and you felt no remorse for your actions, only remorse for your being caught, tried and eventually killed yourself. Now that you are here you have a normal mind and you are seeing your actions as they affected your son, Evan.” The screen read, and then it changed.
    The screen began to show the boy, Evan, growing up in his life, had Jeff not killed him. Jeff watched his son grow up. He had a long productive life and Jeff had to sit and watch the entire thing minute by minute. Jeff felt Evan’s pain and sadness. Jeff felt Evan’s joy and happiness. Eventually Jeff got to the end when Evan died an old man, complete and happy with his life he had lived. Jeff could only watch and cry more. He knew he had ended an innocent’s life, and there was no turning back from that. So deepp down he felt he had to suffer for his sins. HE knew he only had to forgive himself and he could move on to whatever is out there, but he did not think he could ever forgive himself for what he had done. Deep down he felt he did not deserve any kind of forgiveness from anyone, let along himself. The deserved every second of torture he went through. Then the screen changed and four year old Evan was on it smiling. Jeff could only watch, this was the part he hated the most.
    “Daddy” Evan on the screen said to him. “Daddy you have to move on. What you did was bad Daddy, we all know that, and I was mad at you for a very long time. Daddy I know you were just sick and twisted and you know what Daddy? I forgive you for what you did to me. Please Daddy come to me and Mommy again, maybe we can do it right this time.” Evan said smiling on the now color screen.
    For one single moment, Jeff considered saying OK to his son, so he could move on. But deep down he knew when he could say yes and this was not the time.
    “No Evan” Jeff barely whispered to the screen “I was bad and I have to pay for that, I do not deserve your forgiveness or love.” Jeff said. The room suddenly went dark and the room on Jeff’s side lite up again. Jeff stood up from the chair and began his pacing again, this time with a limp.
    Eventually the lights dimmed and Jeff reluctantly sat down in the chair. The projector started up again and three words showed on the screen.
    “Are We Done?”
    Then Jeff began to cry.

The End


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Why Can’t People Just be Evil Anymore?

So here we are in almost 2010 and I have noticed a disturbing trend in movies now a days, especially those in the horror genre. People are not just evil anymore, they always have circumstances as to the reason they are that way. It is not their fault, feel sorry for them! Well to that I say NO. I am tired of this growing trend in movies that just makes me sick. My question is WHY? Why can we not have just evil people in these worlds that are killing people just because they want too? I will start with the Friday the 13th remake. Now it was good but, they ruined it. Yes that was the whole plot behind the old Friday the 13th movies. Jason’s mom was killed so he went on a rampage, but they took it way to far. Jason does not have feelings about you. Jason does not capture people and tie them up for whatever reason. Jason kills you because you are a sex driven teenager that probably in some way helped kill his mom, and you are at his lake. Does Jason need a reason to string you up and rip your legs off? No he does not. He is a MOVIE MONSTER! I have no seen the new Halloween remakes and I refuse to. Micheal Meyers killed people because he was a psychopath. Not because his parents abused him or whatever the reason was given in the Remake. I heard they are remaking Hellraiser and I am sure Pinhead will have some inane reason for doing what he does, not because he LIVES IN HELL!
Now comes the thing that has made me the MOST angry. I just watched the new trailer for the Nightmare on Elm Street remake and I wanted to puke. Freddy Kruger was a CHILD KILLER! That is why he was burned alive, the towns people were punishing him for what he did to their children. In my eyes Freddy Krueger is the epitome of evil! Wes Craven made him that way. We found out he was so evil that Hell itself wanted him. In the new preview I saw what is the first thing that I see? The new Freddy is being chased by the towns people screaming that he did not do what they thought he did! He was innocent but they burned him anyway! Do we REALLY need to feel sorry for Freddy Krueger? Do we really need a good reason Freddy is invading people’s dreams to KILL THEM? To me giving the “It’s not their fault” thing almost seems they want to justify the killings the monster is doing. So Freddy was innocent, does that mean he gets to come back in our dreams and kill children because their parents killed him? Does Freddy need a good reason to kill people even though he was screaming he was innocent in the beginning of the trailer?
This growing trend is not only in horror movies, it rears its ugly head in all kinds of movies now a days, horror movies is just where it seems less useful to me. Let us use Twilight as an example. Edward is a vampire that does not eat human blood, he chooses animals to live. So it is not HIS fault he is a vampire! He was changed by this guy but look he is still good he only kills animals like us mortals. Which makes the scene where he tells Bella he is a killer and he has killed people before kind of stupid as in the VERY next scene he is all, “Don’t worry though, my family eats animals only k?” It is just the Vampires that eat humans that are EVIL, not us sweetie!
I can even think of a movie like GI JOE. There was a whole scene where they showed us that thanks to nano machines these soldiers completely had their free will drained away and they followed Cobra just because they had no choice otherwise. The only real evil people were Cobra Commander and Destro. The Baroness? Oh she was just under the orders of the nano machines and she really loved Duke the whole time. No evil in her at all.
I do not understand why we need a reason for things in movies now a days. I loved Drag me to Hell because you know why the old woman cursed her in the beginning? The main character was a bitch and deserved it, on the old womans eyes anyway. This movie was really good because the old woman was hell bent on revenge because she needed a bank loan damn it!! There was no REASON needed to be given by the old woman explaining why she did this to this poor white bread girl, just she needed to be drug to hell, reasons be damned! I loved this aspect of the movie. Yet Sam Rami made Spiderman 2 and had the whole thing about how Doctor Octavius had the inhibitor chip that broke so the ARMS were controlling him the whole time, not the man. Mental note, do not make special arms that are forged in the fires of hell and revenge, gotcha!
I think back to movies that do not do this and they are few and far between! I think of a movie like Wrong Turn which I enjoyed because the crazy inbred redneck people were killing these people because they wanted too, and they was all the motive they needed. This is also why I love the Zombie movie genre, you can not put a not their fault story on zombies, they are just brainless monsters trying to eat you! The last movie I highly recommend for this kind of “Because they wanted too” goodness is the Feast movie series. A movie about monsters invading a town and killing people. There is no reason given for this and the only plot is just to survive, which is why I love those movies.
Well I am done ranting. I hope that one day this feelings crap, or this Not their Fault syndrome that has plagues movies in recent years stops soon. I do not need a thick plot on horror movies about monsters killing people. It does not matter why they are doing these acts of violence. How about because THEY ARE EVIL! Just evil. Sometimes people do horrible things in real life and the reason given is something along the lines of “They had it coming.” Evil is out there, it does not have to be a mistake or thrust upon people. Sometimes people are just born pure evil, so stop ruining my childhood movies alright?

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Dream Blog: 9/7/2009 The Lost Doctor

So wow I have been having some crazy dreams lately so I decided to write them down and why not where ALL the world can see in a blog? That would be correct! Last night wasn’t as crazy as some I had before this month but was kind of odd.

It started out with me and David Tenant Doctor Who on The Island  from Lost. Yeah I know all ready you are thinking odd, but wait there is more. David Tenant is the tenth Doctor but he started out dressed like Christopher Destro who played the Ninth Doctor( Yeah I know it is not his name. Just a running joke with me and my friend cause I can’t say his last name.) Anyway, we were on the island, The Doctor and me, and we found a hatch I guess. Inside the room was full of people, and they were all frantic.  We were trying to see what was going on but no one would talk to use but one guy. He told us that we all had to die to get out of this room because it was about to fill with water and somehow the doors were sealed.

Well eventually after more conversation I do not remember all that well, the room started filling with water and everyone just freaked out, wouldn’t you? Well the water started filling the room and oddly I remember it being COLD.  Well eventually everyone just accepted it and let the water take them but I was very against drowning. So As the last bit of water started to overtake everyone I found a small inflatable raft thing and somehow I used that to breath while I watched everyone drown. I offered the air to people but they would not take it and I was left all alone while everyone drowned. As dreams do I moved on and was suddenly waking up in the room and everyone was alive and coughing up water except me because I was breathing and not dead.

The guy found me and looked very mad and told me I had cheated! I remember asking him how living is cheating and he was not forthcoming on the answers to that one and stormed away.  The room had changed because we all came up on the beach from the island on Lost and I started laughing because I suddenly realized I was dreaming as I very clearly remember thinking “Wait Lost is a TV show.” Then everyone is introducing themselves and Charlie walks up and I was very sad, cause he died in the show.  Suddenly we all had to go protest something and along the way people started realizing this was the beginning of Lost and Charlie was going to die. I had to silence them cause again that made me sad. There was more. Like someone was racing a firetruck around on the beach doing flips and figure eights with it. The protest was disrupted by an explosion. The doctor changed his clothes into the tenth doctor outfit and then disappeared.

It has been a few hours so I forgot a lot of it. Wish I could interrupted dreams. I am sure that drowning and cheating thing means something.  Anyway off to work, have an awesome day!

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The Hobbit Who Did Not Grow

So recently I watched all the Lord of the Rings movies again, and I noticed something that made me wonder. Why is that Frodo, the main character of the books and movies, in the end of it all did not change at all. He was still the same character he was when he picked up the ring, to the end when Golem bit off his finger and took it from him

I am going to say I am going on the movies, because I can only read about Farmer Maggot’s mushrooms so much before I want to puke. I never finished the books because honestly they were pretty boring over all, and they made me want to go back and read something more interesting like 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea: Uncut Edition. In case you don’t know that is an awesome book but half of the book is the main character categorizing Flora and Fauna of the sea he see’s through the ships windows.  The movies were not all that action packed either but they were at least watchable. So I do not want to read a comment about “OMG YOU DON’T KNOWS WHATS HAPPENING! FAILER!” cause your a moron too XD

This is something I do not understand at all. Every main character in those stories changed and became better in some way or some how. Even the two morons, Merry and Pippin, end up being better people than they started out to be from the beginning. You can see all the characters change over the course of the movies, except Frodo. He starts out a whiney complaining character and does not deviate from that role. Especially in the end when he is on the foot of Mount Doom and is saying “I can’t go on Sam!”, this making Sam carry him to the fires of the mountain.  He does nothing but complain and whine throughout the whole series. Even Golem gets tired of him and decides to feed him to the spider woman.

I do not understand how a main character like that can be the same person from the beginning to the end. The only “change” he realizes is the Shire is a boring place and he needs “ADVENTURE”, when what he really needs is to be punched in the face about five times for being a main character.

I do not get why he is even the ring bearer to begin with. I guess because Bilbo gave it to him, but he was quite possibly the weakest of ALL the group who chose to take it. In the end he is just like everyone else. He gives into the power of the ring and has to have Golem save him from himself, inadvertently anyway. The entire cast grows to be something better than they started out as, Gandalf’s change being literally, and Frodo is still the same from the first scene to the last.

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The Zombie Stereotype

As long as I can remember I have always loved zombie movies. I think the reason for this is because deep down, I believe that someday a zombie apocalypse just might happen. That one day I will wake up and everything will be down and out and I will have to defend myself from the horde of the undead, lets just hope they arent running zombies then I would be screwed.

The one thing I DO know is that the zombies WILL NOT be talking to me, and they WILL NOT be moaning “Brains”. This leads me to my rant. Where did this come from? Why is it when anyone mentions zombies the next word the person utters is BRAINS! It has become to the breaking point for me now. I do not understand how one movie that was just a rip off of Night of the Living Dead has influenced the world so  much to the point that this stereotype has invaded everyone!

And I know you are thinking, yeah who cares, well . . . I DO!  I have had enough of this. Return of the Living dead was just a rip off of Night of the Living Dead. Yet that was the ONLY movie to have the living dead speaking to the people, telling them they want to eat their brains.

Even now in 2009, when you see people who do not really like zombie movies but are talking about them, they say “BRAIIIIINNS” and laugh like this is the common thing to peoeple that actually watch zombie movies and this is how all the zombie movies ever go. I bet if these morons see a movie like Resident Evil they are like

“I do not understand why these dead people aren’t trying to eat brains . . . and what is that big thing with the tounge. Also, why am I in this theather, I do not NORMALLY like these kinds of movies I should be watching that awesome new teen movie called How I Got my Cycle Synced with My Best Friend: Then saw the Jonas Brothers!”

These people will never stop saying that I think, All we can do is hope they all go away. I believe these people also say the phrase “Little Green Men”. Thats another rant for later.

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Tomnickles knows all

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